Lancaster Linoleum

This webpage concerns our unique supply of superb quality vinyl and Linoleum floor coverings.

Because of its natural content lino has seen a resurgence of inte in recent times. The vinyl is arguably the finest ever produced each one with its own unique and extremely durable manufactured surface.

At Lancaster Linoleum we have a phenomenal range of designs, colours and textures to choose from. We have everything from lino embellished with semi precious stones to the most tough battleship lino, you could ever set your table on.

Come and feel the quality at our showroom in Lancaster. Where we display approximately 100 designs. We have very many rolls around 10m square suitable for many kitchens and bathrooms. In our stock, we have wall coverings as well as floor coverings. In the time of Covid, Vinyl wall coverings are at a premium.

Water resistance enables easy maintenance of sanitary conditions